CT Muse Art Cooperative


CT-Muse Mission Statement

To encourage, support and promote excellence, in the works generated by artists who seek to preserve and interpret the cultural heritages found in this region.

Who We Are

CT-Muse is a growing community cooperative located in Fairfield County, promoting the arts throughout the State of Connecticut and Northeast region.  CT-Muse working in harmony with the Artists and Patrons, we are a community resource in support of the arts: artists, musicians, performers, etc... CT-Muse accomplishes this mission by providing business counseling, educational workshops and consultation that well serve the artist and the community.


CT-Muse Artisans

CT-Muse actively assists individual artists to successfully achieve their desired goals by mentoring specific business services including but not limited to; internet and contemporary marketing, administrative and financial practices, grant writing and access to area network for showcasing work.  Programs are tailored to the unique needs of individual artists. 


Our Greater Community

CT-Muse works to respond to the community interests by providing networking opportunities for the Arts within Northeast region.  This will includes: (but is not limited to) gallery space, music venues, educational workshops, events calendar and apprenticeship opportunities. 



How to e-mail us: Use this address but remove the extra spaces:  Ask  @   CT-Muse.org

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