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Art, Music, Pottery, Theater our community is expanding. 
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Muse Match - Need more options

Send us a detailed description of what you are looking for.

ask(at)CT-Muse.org @

We will take every effort to meet your muse needs.  We have a wonderful group of talented people, so take advantage of this free service.  CT-Muse will e-mail you a list of available artists.

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Why "Muse Match" is a free service

We strive by continuing to provide overall productive quality care for New England based artists.  You as a patron of the arts can support our efforts by using this comprehensive resource that matches artists and patrons.

Disclaimer: Our services are not fully guaranteed for meeting every individuals needs, we recommend you use your own discretion  to hire.  CT Muse and affiliates are not responsible in any form for mismanagement of the individual's requested services. 
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