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Damien Connolly's Intermediate Secessions

Gatherings are the last Wednesday of the month, Jack's House 3815 Park Ave. 7:30 PM

Bring instruments and some snack or beverage to share.  

The tune of the Month is 
"The Tap Room"

The next session, Feb. 24, 2010

Help build a traditional Irish music data base 

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Bottle of Cupon Bottle of Cupon

Bottle of Cop On.MUS


Cordle Jig


Cordle Jig.MUS


Gatehouse Maid


Gatehouse Maid.MUS


Her Long Golden Hair



Her Long Golden Hair.MUS
John Blessings


John Blessings.mp3


Lark In The Morning


Lark in the Morning.wma Lark in the morning tab.MUS
Leitrim Fancy


The Leitrim Fancy.wma Leitrim Fancy tab.MUS
Lonesome Jig


lonesome jig.mp3


Man from Clare


* man from clare.MUS
Martin Ainsboro’s



Memories of East Clare


* Memories of East Clare.MUS
Micho Russles


* micho russles.MUS


Mrs. Gavins Mrs. Galvin's



My Love is but a Lassie


My love is but a Lassie.wma My Love is But a Lassie tab .MUS
Old John's Jig



Peacock's Feather   

Peacocks Feather


Peacocks Feather.MUS


Planxty Irwin



Planxty Irwin tab.MUS


Sally Garden


Sally Gardens.wma The sally gardens tab.MUS
Savage Paddy


* Savage Paddy.MUS
Si Bheg Si Mhor


* Si bheg si mhor.MUS
Sportin Paddy


* Sportin paddy.MUS
Sunny Banks


sunny banks.mp3


The Tap Room


  The Tap Room.MUS
The Cameronian



The Cameronian Highlander tab.MUS
The Lillies of the Field


The Lilies in the field.wma The Lillies in the Field tab.MUS
The Lonesome


* The Lonesome.pdf
The Sandymount Reel


* The Sandymount Reel.MUS
The Sligo Maid


The Sligo Maid.wma The Sligo Maid.MUS




Other Resources

Homespun 121 Favorite Irish Session Tunes (Book/CD)

Homespun 121 Favorite Irish Session Tunes (Book/CD)

This collection of reels, jigs, hornpipes and set dances are the favorite tunes played in pubs and at parties by Irish players around the world. Each tune is masterfully demonstrated on tinwhistle by L.E. McCullough, played slowly and then up-to-speed to make each one easier to learn. Added guitar and keyboard back-up tracks make for a great practice session. Excellent for players of any melodic instrument - fiddle, accordion, flute, tinwhistle, banjo, bouzouki, guitar - who want to hold their own in any Irish music gathering. Includes accompaniment tracks for playing along on any instrument. FOUR CDs, INCLUDES 50-PAGE MUSIC + CHORD BOOK, LEVEL 3

Homespun Learn to Play the Irish Bouzouki (VHS)

Homespun Learn to Play the Irish Bouzouki (VHS)

Zan McLeod, one of the Celtic music world's most talented bouzouki players, accompanists and arrangers, has created a fantastic lesson for beginners and experienced players alike. Zan teaching tunings, basic scales and chords, as well as pick technique and rhythmic innovations (cross picking, strumming patterns, accents and syncopations). He then explores the bouzouki through the study of traditional reels, jigs and slip jigs. Songs include: Lady Anne Montgomery, The Galway Rambler, Kesh Jig, Barney Bralligan's, and The Butterfly. LEVEL 1, 90 MIN.


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