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Evelyn Avoglia

Evelyn Avoglia, Ph.D


"Music moves us - we get 'carried away', enchanted. 

Through sound we become open to the non-ordinary world.  Intentional sounding enables and expresses our life processes. 

It links the unconscious and conscious worlds, reveals eternity within each moment. When we sound together we begin again to live this union. 

I help people of all ages and abilities experience MusicMakingMe.  So, call me! Together we will learn, enjoy, start afresh! I would love to meet you in the resounding round."

Evelyn Avoglia holds a Ph.D. in  Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences in vocal music and spirituality with an emphasis on sound healing from The Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH.

(203) 961-8125 


New Music

"Water's Comin' In"

Composed by Evelyn arranged by Meg Stoop and sung by Adesso Choral Society



An Offering of Songs - Twenty Fifth Anniversary CD 


Evelyn Avoglia Discography  

"Handmade" recordings produced by MusicMakingMe that span Evelyn's 40 years of Music

Wintersongs: Advent To Epiphany, Handmade Recordings, 2006

Eight Songs For Her: Loving the Mother, Handmade Recordings, 2005

Two Sung Meditations On Seeing Not God, Handmade Recordings, 2004

Stations: Songs for the Paschal Journey, Schola, 1997

Season of Gladsong, Schola, 1990

Of Thanks and Wonder, Schola, 1984

Everlasting Sabbath, Schola, 1980

Offering of Songs, Schola, 1979




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